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The Residency

Katikia provides an escape for artists to grow in their talents while residing in the Medieval town of Monemvasia in the Southern Peloponnese of Greece - a hidden ancient retreat unlike any other. Monemvasia provides an unparalleled experience to partake in the serenity and history-rich culture that acts as a canvas for artists to develop their work, improve their craft, and absorb from the plentiful cultural ecosystem. During their time in Katikia, artists will have the chance to connect with locals and educate youth communities. This peaceful seaside town feeds an artist's creativity with a collision of modern charm and deep-rooted history. 

The timeless and natural elements surrounding Monemvasia's natural beauty and human creativity intersect and provide an endless inspiration to feed the artistic soul and stimulate the innovative senses of the people who visit this 'Haven for Art'. 

We look forward to bringing in new artists for this special opportunity.

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