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Cultural Engagement

A trip to Athens kicks off the residency to absorb ancient Greek art history and uncover the emerging contemporary art scene within the capital's numerous galleries and studios. 


After completing their residency, artists will emerge with a new understanding of local Greek life, art, and perspective. Their time at Katikia will culminate in an exhibition that tourists and residents will have the chance to view and experience. 


Katikía offers our artists opportunities to interact, share, and introduce students in the region and surrounding communities to different artistic styles. The program will engage the community by hosting courses at Dimotiko Scholio Monemvasias, where the artist will work with students after school on a weekly basis to introduce them to a new approach to painting. The final projects will be presented at the school’s year end program. The artist will also have the chance to travel around the southern Peloponnese region to visit nearby beach towns, monasteries, and mountainside villages.


Katikia plans to implement a dialogue between the vibrant emerging contemporary art scene to the seaside towns of Greece for future generations to connect with our beloved world of art.

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